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   Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame & Western Heritage Center

                      H.B. 528 ‐ Building Site Position Statement

                   For more information contact:  Christy Stensland, Executive Director at (406) 653‐3800

Our Mission

The Board of Directors of the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame & Western Heritage Center, Inc understands that we exist to fulfill a public benefit and that we serve at the pleasure of the people of Montana. It is through this trust that we strive each day to fulfill our Mission of “honoring our Cowboy way of life, American Indian cultures and our collective Montana Western Heritage.” Our Mission serves as a compass that guides our every action, in turn we are indebted to those that have placed this honor upon us. It is with extraordinary care, transparency and integrity that we work to honor the notable contributions of those Montanans that have come before us.

Our Future

Future success in achieving our Mission cannot be accomplished without a keen understanding of the responsibilities that we must exercise as a Board of Directors. Our leadership, stewardship and fiduciary roles as a Board of Directors compels us to always act in the best interests of our Membership and the larger community of stakeholders that we exist to serve. Therefore, it is our responsibility to listen in order to make sure the collective voice of the people of Montana is heard.

Since 2003 this voice has guided our actions. Most recently this collective voice has begun to articulate concerns over the lack of progress, specifically with regard to the building of our headquarter facilities as designated in Wolf Point by the Montana State Legislature in 2003. These concerns are coupled by recent credible offers to fund the project if the building site was to be relocated. Similar offers of alternative support for the building of a facility have caused us as a Board to reflect upon our promise to the people of Montana and our commitment to fulfilling our Mission. Under the current Legislative designation, we are unable to explore such proposals and determine if it is in the best interests of our Mission to consider them.

In keeping our promise to the people of Montana and to fulfill our duties as a managing Board of Directors, we have submitted for consideration H.B. 528. Provided this bill is signed into law, the MCHF & WHC will then develop a standard set of criteria and will implement a Request for Proposals process that will allow us the opportunity to objectively consider all proposals for the future building site of the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame & Western Heritage Center Headquarters. Upon a diligent and timely review of all proposals, the Board of Directors in concert with our Board of Trustee’s and voting membership will make a determination with regard to the future building site of the MCHF & WHC.

In no way should this position statement or the language of H.B. 528 imply that there is any current intention or known plans to move the proposed building of the MCHF & WHC headquarters from Wolf Point, MT. Rather, the intent is to express that we understand and take seriously our many roles and responsibilities. To that effect H.B. 528 simply allows the Board of Directors the flexibility to address feasibility related concerns that we currently cannot explore under the current law. The Board understands that as we seek the opportunity under H.B. 528 to assemble needed data to address these concerns, one consequence is that this data may dictate that consideration of alternative locations is in the best interests of furthering our Mission. No action to implement
the above mentioned Request For Proposals concept can be taken without the passage of H.B. 528.