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Capturing Our Heritage

As one watches five cowboys on horseback move fifty head of cattle along Interstate 15 outside of Boulder, or sees a grandfather and granddaughter working as a team during branding, or one watches an uncle with his nephew prepare to enter the dance circle at a pow-wow, it becomes clear that the distance between our past and our future is short. It is also clear that it is fragile. We live in a time where quantity of life is putting serious pressure on the quality of our lives. It is our heritage, our connection with those that came before us that protects us and keeps us grounded.
Moving 7L Herefords through Montana's Centennial Valley south of Dillon circa 1950. Photo courtesy John Forsythe

The Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center will be the "schoolhouse" that encourages preservation of our heritage. It is an organic, evolutionary experiment in interactive education. It is a testament to the enduring nature of our cultural heritage, our values, and our way of life.

If you have stories to share, we invite you to contact the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage media director:                               Ariel Overstreet Adkins  arieloverstreet@gmail.com

From some of our supporters...

"Preserving Montana's cowboy and Native American heritage is crucial. It's very important that future generations are able to enjoy the stories, photos and artifacts of our colorful history." 
Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer

CK Ranch Hands - Photo courtesy of Pearl Jensen family

ntana was built from the back of the horse. Time is now to honor the cowboys that began the journey so long ago. Those who continue in their footsteps can be seen in the rodeo arena spotlight and out on the working ranches of today. Do her proud, Montana." 
Flint Rasmussen, Choteau - Professional Barrelman

"The Cowboy Hall of Fame will allow us to venue, celebrate and honor the richness of our cowboy heritage." 
Margarett Campbell, Poplar - Former Montana Representative 

"The Montana Department of Commerce has committed to the success of the building of the MCHF&WHC". 
Tony Pretie, Helena - Former Director, Montana Department of Commerce
Cliff Wolfe - Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame's first Trustee
"Because the cowboy spirit is such an integral part of our history, I am pleased to know that the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame will pay tribute to all those who have embodied and continue to embody this way of life. I know the Hall of Fame will do a great deal to perpetuate the stories and memories of all the individuals who have played a role in making Montana the special place it is today." 
Conrad Burns, Billings - Former U. S. Senator  

           McClammy - Photo courtesy of Wolf Point Historical Society

"The Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame is a great idea. After all, Montana is a cowboy state and some of the best cowboys with the PRCA, as well as, the Indian National Finals Rodeo call Montana home." 
Sam Bird, Cut Bank - PRCA and UIRA Member                                            

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