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Yellowstone Expedition: Charles Cook, David Folsom, & William Peterson

Introducing 2010 Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame Inductee…

                            Yellowstone Expedition: Charles Cook, David Folsom, 
                                                                                          & William Peterson

Lifelong friends & adventurers Charles W. Cook and David E. Folsom, came west in1862 with the Fisk Expedition. The two lived a while in the Gallatin Valley of Montana working as miners. When mining began to fail, the two turned to ranching. The Cook property was under Mount Edith near the headwaters of Deep Creek in Meagher County, and is still known as the Cook Ranch. The Folsom ranch, which is still remembered by that name, is west of White Sulphur Springs, Montana on Birch Creek. (1)

Jim Bridger, who is perhaps best known for blazing the Bridger Trail that bypassed the dangerous Bozeman Trail, once visited Folsom in his cabin and related the marvels of Yellowstone Park. (2)

In1869 an expedition, consisting of David Folsom, Charles W. Cook, a ranch hand named William Peterson and a dog, Flora, went to Yellowstone Park for the purpose of exploration. They were the first to collect and record accurate information of the region. (1) 

CharlesW. Cook spent his declining years in White Sulphur Springs where he died on January 30, 1927, at the age of 88. David E. Folsom served in the 1893-95 Senate sessions. He ran for governor in 1900 but was defeated by Joseph K.Toole. (1)

Extracted from public domain The Discovery of Yellowstone 1870 Nathaniel P. Langford, 1905                  Extracted from public domain The Discovery of Yellowstone 1870 Nathaniel P. Langford, 1905
                            National Park Service Photo Archive
                   Mr. & Mrs. William Peterson
(1) Meagher County An Early Day Pictorial History 1867-1967.
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