Top 10 Unwritten Rules Of Poker

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There are many different variations of the คา สิ โน สด  game which is well defined and explained, but there are many which is not found in any rule book. There are many unwritten rules of poker which can easily give you a better experience with live setting and other things that can prevent you from crossing the line.

Tip the dealer

Tipping the dealer is common poker etiquette in most rooms. Unless bidding is forbidden, you need to make sure that you tip every so often, which shows appreciation. Try not to force your self which will not run for longer and can help out the good side of the casino to the poker room staff and also help you get some perks as well.

Pay attention to the action

When you are sitting in a cash game and a tournament which can help you stay focused and keep up with the action. You do not want to be the person who needs a reminder to put up with the ante. This is not strictly against the rules but is one of the most annoying things one can do, which is very disrespectful for the players at the table. Try to stay focused, which can become a bit annoying and disrespectful to the players at the tables.

Do not argue with the dealers

Try to make sure that you are not affected by the dealers’ decision which can make you look bad. If you want something to be clarified just speak to the floor person or explain to the dealer in a low voice which can make sure that you do not create a scene in the poker room.

Be nice to newcomers

When there are newcomers, it is important that you do not give more stress to them. Make sure that they feel safe and also make sure that you can share some tips which can help give them the right knowledge about making the string bets or show to their cards.

Try to be helpful when necessary

The job of a dealer is a rough one which requires a lot of concentration. Mistakes can happen, and there is nothing wrong with making mistakes. You can politely point them out and try not to blame them for the wrongs, for this. If you are polite, most people will respect you for it and will play honest and fair games with you.

Never talk about the cards you folded

There is no written rule which can relate to this area but try to make sure that you do not show you folded cards. Try to refrain from making noises of giving any reaction in the progress which can be hard to see and can help you stay calm for the sake of other players.

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