What To Do On A Plane When You Are Travelling

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Imagine that you are rushing through the airport and your iPhone is half dead. You have no care in the world because all you need it for the battery to last until you actually have to check-in at the airport with the boarding pass. Once you are seated in the plane, you know that there will be an outlet that will let you charge it and you know that most flights will have in-flight Wi-Fi so that you can finish whatever work you will have to finish before you nod off. You board the plane, and to your horror, there is no outlet, Wi-Fi or an entertainment system, and you have to buckle in for a long flight without any electronics to keep you entertained.

The kind of dilemma is a clear sign that you are too addicted and too dependent on technology, and that is something that you should change. There are so many things that you can do for these technology-free hours on the plane and in this guide; I will be listing all of those things out.

  • The first thing is, try reading a book. I know that you are used to reading things on your iPad, but hey, do it the same way your father and your grandfather read things. Bring a book with you right before the flight just in case. You will actually find that books can be rather informative as well. You can actually enjoy yourself with it.
  • I know that I am trying to give you some things to do without the help of electronics, but how about you download a podcast on your phone or iPad and listen to it on the plane. Podcasts can be really informative, and you will enjoy yourself.

  • If you are travelling alone or with someone you know, you can always start having a conversation with them and connect with them on a whole new level. You can bond with them in a way that you have never before. If you are travelling alone, you can see if the people next to you are social and then strike up a conversation with them.
  • You can actually have a cocktail and relax. Flying is way more fun with some cocktails. Do not overdo it, though. It is easy to get drunk and misbehave on a plane.
  • Look outside the window and enjoy the view, because there is nowhere else you could get a view like this.
  • Start writing a travel journal. Take an empty book with you and start writing things in it. You will find that writing is fun and that you enjoy it.

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